Pitch Project- ‘Swap it in a pursuit’

My final project for the Game design class is to present a pitch for any game..

A pitch is an idea to create downloadable content for any existing game..

During the first week only taylor and I have discussed since kyle and justin are busy.. I have explained my idea to taylor and she liked it..

Kyle and I presented that in the class..

‘Swap it in a pursuit’ is the pitch for NFS hot pursuit.

The basic idea is the ability to swap cars in the middle of the race and to limit the availability of latest cars in the cop mode and adding garage to customize the cars in the cop mode.. I wanted to limit the latest cars in the cop mode because I thought the fact that cops chasing in cars like bugati veyron deviates from the reality since cops could never access such cars..


Comments by Jeremy:

He did not like the idea of swapping the cars in NFS hot pursuit, but he suggested it might work for some other racing games..

He said the two ideas conflicted because the first idea deviates from reality and the second one targets to support reality..

So, basically it is a failure..


Since I did not play many games my perspective is limited. So for the next week kyle suggested to target Bio Shock to pitch..


Havok Project – Final Days


Hope you remember the project we started on Havok Physics and Animation..

We have completed our final changes and made the final presentation.. We received very good grade for this project..

Briefly, me and Rachel have included the physics objects exported from latest havok content tools, have added functions to change the vehicle object size, added pendulums and implemented the destructible walls apart from optimizing and fixing bugs in the old code..

Today my professor will review it and gives some more suggestion to be implemented before the final deadline..

DISASTER RELIEF – Rules Sheet and Video

Here is the rules sheet of the game..



Here is the video.. I have edited the video and I am not very good at it.. so dont mind if it doesnt meet your expectations..


My second Game Project

Hello guys,

sorry for the late updates.. I have been busy lately..

so, here comes my second board game project “DISASTER RELIEF”

It is a documentary type board game..

Again, the basic idea was given by me..

the game targets educating the people on real world disasters that have been occurring around the world..


the game has a board which has world map on it..

There are four types of resources namely money, food, water and medicine..


there is a card or every disaster… Each card states the required resources to solve that disaster..

At each round there will be a total of four disasters placed on the map on the corresponding countries listed on the cards..

once the round begins, players will spend their resources on the disasters.. at the end of the round, if the disaster is solved, they will get back what they have spent on that disaster plus one extra unit.. if it is not solved they will lose what they have spent…


Reviews by professor and players..


well the first week was a complete failure.. we couldnt balance the flow of resources

the second week has some problems regarding the cooperative vs competitive play..

The final version received very positive reviews..

I am very happy that I have reached Jeremy’s expectations of a documentary game..

Role Playing Game

hi friends…

here is my first Role Playing Game story…

it may not be a blockbuster story but.. it is my debut in this genre of games.

Name: Zeheren

Role Playing Game ‘Zeheren’

Story:  There is a kingdom named Zeheren in 18th Century ruled by a king named ‘Hezel’.  Hezel has a brother named ‘Koron’. Koron achieved some evil powers and assassinated the takes over the kingdom. The army surrenders to him afraid of his evil powers. But, the people who loved Hezel could not accept and a civil war breaks out. Three heroes from Hezel army leaves the army and leads the rebels. Since, rebels are less in number they are in a verge of defeat and three heroes are captured by Koron. So, the rebels split into two groups and hid on east and west side mountains of the kingdom.

The three heroes are the three characters in the game.

1)      Alex is the most intelligent guy.

2)      Leo is a super pro wrestler

3)      Sean is a master thief and super archer.

The game starts with the break out three heroes from prison with the help of a guy named ‘Kent’. He is one of the rebels. They manage to release 25 other rebels from the prison. Kent says that the king is having a midnight meeting with his supporters and since they are in the castle, it is the best time to kill him. Alex, doesn’t agree since he feels something is going wrong. But, the rest convinces him to come along. They kill the guards on the way to the court room silently and they finally find the king. King fights with some dark magic but the three heroes kill the king finally with a few attacks.

Happiness breaks out and the news spreads like fire. All the rebels gather in the very same court room to celebrate. When everyone is enjoying Sean sees that Kent is going out with a bag, he stops him and some gold coins fell from the bag. While Alex is investigating him, an accomplice comes and shouts that the army has surrounded the castle completely.

They realize that they are framed and they are supposed to escape so that the rebels would come out from hiding. And the one they killed is not the original king but a decoy.

Meanwhile a guy named Raza, says that, eventhough they fight they will lose more likely since they are not prepared and less in number. He asks them to alert the other group of rebels, instead of staying and fighting here. He gives them a map and asks them to take ‘Rachel’ along with them who is the daughter of Laden , the head of the other group of rebels on west side.

They set out on the way with 15 men and Rachel along.  The way has so many hurdles and they had to cross many mountains and a river. Admist of the journey they encounter quicksand and they lose 4men. Alex saves Rachel and falls in love with her. When they are nearby they were attacked by 10 men sent by the king. They fight and kills them but loses 7 more of their own men. Alex is wounded severely by trying to save Rachel.

After reaching the rebels group, Laden comes to the doorway to welcome them and greets them well. Alex sees that he is not at all surprised or happy seeing Rachel. He asks Laden

Alex: Laden, Are you not happy to see your daughter?

Laden: Excuse me, Alex. I did not understand you.

Alex: I mean your daughter, Rachel.

Laden: I don’t have any daughter.

They look back and notice that Rachel is no more there. They realize that she might be an accomplice of the king. A guard comes and says the king is on his way with army.

Laden suggests that, their only best option is to surprise attack the king before reaching their place. Alex agrees and they prepare some strong men. Laden instructs to prepare some traps along the way nearby their cave. Finally they surprise attack the king before he reaches the cave and the rebels manage to fight the army by leading into the traps. Alex, Sean and Leo fight with the king and defeats him. When Leo kills him with a death blow, Rachel appears and cries at her father’s body. Alex was astonished to believe that she is the princess. He rejects her but Laden convinces him and they marry.


I wanted to create a story in the medieval world. At first, I thought of creating and adventure for a treasure. I tried to plot some clues into the story, but since the players have some control over the story they might not think and solve the clues the same way as I have planned. So, I thought of creating a war like situation where the story is obvious and I could control it.

I had to create three different characters, since I do not want to raise the lateral competition among players that has similar strengths. So, I designed one intelligent, one powerful and one skilled roles.

I wanted to open the scene with some adventure and a quick fight so that players will get to know the powers and roles of their characters very quickly.

I wanted to surprise them at the very beginning and rage them gradually towards a final war. I wanted to insert and adventurous journey to keep them motivated and involved with the story.

For the interest curve to rise at the end, I have also given them a surprise with Rachel and a final battle.

Here is the expected and experienced interest curve with events..

Expected Interest Curve

Experienced Interest Curve

So, do you like it ??

Comments would help me a lot.. 🙂

Promo video

Hello guys..

here is the promo video.. this is very much trimmed to adhere to the 1 minute rule..

here is the video..
and.. yeah.. its my voice..

watch the video

Final release of my first game

Hi guys,

We have play tested the fun version of the game..

we have got good reviews, but we heard that the fun is more than expected, I mean it has become more towards a kids game..

Jeremy said, he liked the first version very much..


So, I decided that we are gonna release the game in two versions.. its a new kinda idea which is different from the rest..


we are working on the promo video..


here is the final rules sheet

Rules sheet

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