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Hi friends,

Its been a while since my last post. How are you all ?

My first semester was pretty good. Though I still can’t believe I got an A- in Game Design Workshop. Am happy that my current GPA stands at 3.9.

It was time for the next semester and I have chosen the courses very carefully this time.

1)Advanced Analysis of Algorithms    under Prof. Shamsian

2)Advanced Mobile Devices and Game Consoles  under Prof. Mike Zyda (No offense, he is one of the best)

3)3 D Graphics and Rendering  under Prof. saty

I am doing a mobile game as part of my mobile games class. It is FLOW MASTER.

All the info stuff regarding what that is can be seen at my website here. I am not gonna say that again


I love my team at Flow Master. But their programming skills are not that great compared to my team mates at Game Engine class the previous semester.


It is in fact surprising though, in the Game Engine class though I was lead I took suggestions from other team mates as I was the inexperienced guy. But, in mobile games class I have been giving suggestions to my team mates. Now, I seem a little more experienced than them. To be honest, I am not a experienced guy.  My hunger and enthusiasm towards new things makes me look like that.




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