Pitch Project- ‘Swap it in a pursuit’

My final project for the Game design class is to present a pitch for any game..

A pitch is an idea to create downloadable content for any existing game..

During the first week only taylor and I have discussed since kyle and justin are busy.. I have explained my idea to taylor and she liked it..

Kyle and I presented that in the class..

‘Swap it in a pursuit’ is the pitch for NFS hot pursuit.

The basic idea is the ability to swap cars in the middle of the race and to limit the availability of latest cars in the cop mode and adding garage to customize the cars in the cop mode.. I wanted to limit the latest cars in the cop mode because I thought the fact that cops chasing in cars like bugati veyron deviates from the reality since cops could never access such cars..


Comments by Jeremy:

He did not like the idea of swapping the cars in NFS hot pursuit, but he suggested it might work for some other racing games..

He said the two ideas conflicted because the first idea deviates from reality and the second one targets to support reality..

So, basically it is a failure..


Since I did not play many games my perspective is limited. So for the next week kyle suggested to target Bio Shock to pitch..


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