My second Game Project

Hello guys,

sorry for the late updates.. I have been busy lately..

so, here comes my second board game project “DISASTER RELIEF”

It is a documentary type board game..

Again, the basic idea was given by me..

the game targets educating the people on real world disasters that have been occurring around the world..


the game has a board which has world map on it..

There are four types of resources namely money, food, water and medicine..


there is a card or every disaster… Each card states the required resources to solve that disaster..

At each round there will be a total of four disasters placed on the map on the corresponding countries listed on the cards..

once the round begins, players will spend their resources on the disasters.. at the end of the round, if the disaster is solved, they will get back what they have spent on that disaster plus one extra unit.. if it is not solved they will lose what they have spent…


Reviews by professor and players..


well the first week was a complete failure.. we couldnt balance the flow of resources

the second week has some problems regarding the cooperative vs competitive play..

The final version received very positive reviews..

I am very happy that I have reached Jeremy’s expectations of a documentary game..


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